Even if you consider

Even if you consider If the capable pupil works for the sake of marks or to give pleasure to the teacher, children give it the nicknames Clever Man, Favourite, etc.

But if it works on the general subject, in common with all collective, the respect of children for it grows because his mind and abilities are especially useful in common cause.

Even if you consider the child very talented, do not achieve the translation him in more senior class which is not corresponding to its abilities.

As a result the child will worse study, than could, or even simply remains for the second year, coming back to the class.

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Why? Because

Why? Because Why?

Because you think that it is necessary to edify and specify mainly in the sphere of that not too and important and will not do harm to the girl.

You start all the time sawing the daughter for the untidy room, hoping that it, eventually, will reject the negative attitude and will tidy up it.

However for it it would be much better to stick to passive and aggressive behavior in relation to a disorder in the room, than to direct it against spirituality or to neglect occupations at school.

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One of ways

One of ways You have to be patient during these difficult periods, is soft and with love to teach the teenager to think clearly.

One of ways to make it to distinguish false associations and concepts and to correct them.

ENCOURAGEMENT OF INTELLIGENCE To learn to think correctly, the teenager needs encouragement of the intelligence.

After all ability to think creatively demands respect for itself, the person has to feel that not only in the emotional or physical plan, but also in the plan intellectual its abilities are highly appreciated.

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If feeding

If feeding If the nursing mother is healthy and quiet, her appetite naturally increases.

Some mothers are surprised how much they can eat, without putting on weight gram.

But happens that appetite oversteps any limits.

In that case the woman has to address to the doctor and call to the aid all power of the will.

If feeding by a breast too tires you, perhaps you are nervous much, it reduces your appetite and leads to a depression.

There are such women who all life too worried about the health and avoided excess loading.

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