But the diet

But the diet Everything that it is deprived in food reception hours, it will fill then, having reached the refrigerator or confectionery shop.

But the diet after all can be carried out.

Tactful mother can imperceptibly protect the child from temptations, only occasionally give him highcalorific desserts.

It can not keep in the house of cookies and pies, and in intervals between meals to give to the child fruit.

It can give more often to it those from its favourite dishes which do not cause obesity.

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Let's assume

Let's assume Plays the relation of the mother to chest feeding large role.

If mother really seeks to adjust it, the doctor will do everything possible to help.

If it seems to you that at you a little breast milk Attempts to increase amount of breast milk councils before conversation with the doctor.

Let's assume that in maternity hospital you often put the child to both mammary glands, but it after all did not have milk.

The doctor advised you to feed up him artificially.

Let's assume, the child received about g of breast milk and after that drank as much again from a small bottle.

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If they do not receive

If they do not receive Thanks to anger our perception becomes aggravated, and it helps to choose the most right way to a survival.

One of aspects of a survival mighty aspiration to understand itself.

Often happens so that creative natures have most of all difficulties in search of the place in life where they could express themselves and apply the abilities.

If they do not receive the sufficient help from relatives or how sometimes happens, cut the grass from under feet of them, they test anger.

But this anger can become a driving force of further searches.

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Your purpose

Your purpose My council: stop feeding as soon as the child ceases to eat even if he drank only g Perhaps, he will get hungry ahead of time or maybe not.

If he gets hungry, feed him.

But you will tell: Then I should feed him all day.

This exaggeration.

Your purpose to force the child is in the big portions and, therefore, to sleep more long.

You will achieve it if stop feeding when the child ceases to eat that he learned that such hunger; then he will gradually learn to be more attentive to food.

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