The excessive

The excessive That is why the good, flexible teenage psychologist, having accepted some teenagers in day, by the end of the working day happens absolutely exhausted.

It is extremely important that you, parents, were able to control the emotions.

Too rough emotional reaction will do harm to your relations with the teenager.

The excessive uncontrollable anger will lead to that to your teenager will be difficult to come to you when its emotional capacity is empty.

Rough emotional reaction usually forces the teenager to respect less you absolutely natural attitude towards the one who loses over himself control.

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Anyway, when

Anyway, when Diphtheria begins with a general malaise, a redness in a throat and high temperature.

On almonds dirtywhite spots which can extend on all throat are formed.

Sometimes diphtheria begins with a throat.

There are a hoarseness and the barking cough, breath becomes complicated.

Anyway, when the child is hurt by a throat, temperature or when it has croup symptoms increases, it is necessary to call the doctor immediately.

At suspicion on diphtheria to the child immediately enter serum and other drugs.

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Other reason

Other reason It is better not to speak to the child of a lie that later he was not convinced that you deceived him.

If he finds out that for any reason you do not dare to tell him the truth, it will create between you and him a barrier and will force it to feel awkwardly.

Subsequently, how this question disturbed him, he will hardly ask you about something.

Other reason for which better to say the truth to the threeyearold child, it that he asks simple questions and is satisfied with simple answers.

Later you will be easier to answer its more difficult questions.

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Because From the attentive listener the child turns into the most real interlocutor.

However along with the correct words the child continues to use still the simplified words, even in the phrase speech.

For example: The father, di the father, go.

Ma and kh mother, give the pussycat.

Because of shortage of words the child can accompany the verbal communication with gestures.

year months years Motive development By two years the kid independently, already without support about a handrail or the adult's hand, walks and falls upstairs, putting one foot to another on each step after each step.

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If, for example, as was viscous, and then

If, for example, as was viscous, and then But, if the chair sharply changes on quality, it is necessary to consult to the doctor.

If, for example, as was viscous, and then suddenly became swill with slices of undigested food and became frequent, it can be a sign of disorder of digestion.

If kcal became very liquid, frequent, greenish on color and has other smell, it almost for certain means an intestinal disease diarrhea in a heavy or easy form.

If the chair long was not, and then there was a kcal unusually rigid and dry, sometimes but it is not obligatory it means the beginning of cold or other disease.

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For example, the sevenyearold

For example, the sevenyearold It is important that the child knew well that his parents do not approve theft and insist on immediate return of the stolen.

But, on the other hand, it is unreasonable to intimidate such child or to pretend that you will never not love him any more.

For example, the sevenyearold boy who is well brought up by conscious parents, having enough toys and other things and small pocket money steals.

He probably steals the small sums of money from mother or companions, pens from teachers or the picture at the neighbor in a school desk.

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We have to understand

We have to understand Before turning such children on the way of spirituality, it is necessary to help them to cope with a depression and anger.

We have to understand that is the reason of their problems, and to let to them know our unconditional love.

Only after that we will be able to help them to understand their own needs, need of establishment of the personal relations with Jesus Christ.

Thanks to a modern education system it is now much easier to reveal pupils with deviations.

Situation with assistance to such children is now much better though many still do not realize gravity of this problem.

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