It is not so important, whether

It is not so important, whether Usually the best time before going to bed most of children then seek for communication with parents.

It is not so important, whether they want to delay time when it is necessary to go to bed, or they have a requirement to fill up the emotional tank.

An essence that for us is remarkable opportunity to satisfy emotional needs of the child, to provide him the spiritual management and training, all this occurs in the atmosphere of tenderness and heat and remains in memory of the child for many years.

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Certainly, the same

Certainly, the same If parents encourage children when those insist on carrying identical clothes and possession of identical toys and, especially, if every time concede to children, they can become even more exacting over time.

Certainly, the same principle defines also the relations of parents with the only child: if parents are firm, children concede if parents hesitate, children argue.

You will help to develop consciousness of the identity and own taste if each of them has the box for clothes and if the identical clothes have labels with a name of the owner or a sign at twins.

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Let's wipe

Let's wipe But before going, it is necessary to bring an order houses.

At first we will clean a rug exercise Swing.

Let's wash also propoloskay kerchiefs an uprazhkneniye Turkeycock.

Let's hang up kerchiefs on a balcony, let a breeze them will dry up exercise Sail.

Let's wipe dust from shelves exercise Painter.

And now run in circus uprazhnekny Drummer.

Ahead stop.

Collect the picture, and you learn, on than we will go to circus.

The child assembles the bus from parts of the picture.

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It can begin

It can begin Sometimes the teenager wants to talk to parents about any problem, but he does not know how to begin conversation.

Then it uses hints which can take the most different forms.

It can begin with something less considerable, than that actually disturbs him.

For example, to ask that it is necessary to make on the house.

Or to take an interest as passed your day.

Or will tell how at it passed day.

Parents have to be on the lookout when hear similar unostentatious talk because thus the teenager usually asks to find for him time an ivnimaniye.

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Sit down

Sit down Temperature of milk is checked, having shaken out some drops on outer side of a wrist.

Sit down in a convenient chair and hold the child the same as to hold it when feeding with a breast.

Some women prefer to feed, sitting in a rockingchair.

Hold a small bottle so that the pacifier was filled with milk all the time.

Usually children suck milk without respite, will not be sated yet.

But some swallow so much air with milk that they should stop as air accumulates in a stomach and prevents to eat.

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Ask to call

Ask to call Ask to think and tell, than what apples it is more red or gold?

Red it is more.

Ask to call amount of apples.

Red , gold Suggest to show amount of apples on fingers, to find figure and to lead round it in a circle a felttip pen of yellow color.

Watch that, calling amount of apples, the child coordinated a noun with a numeral one, five one apple, five apples.

Development of visual attention and small motility.

Remember together with children that, how many time was exempted by a cockerel cat from a fox.

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All speak

All speak It is impossible to count on schools and churches more.

Earlier the determined values were not subject in them to discussion.

But now not so.

Approving it, I do not mean that these establishments cannot give in general anything good.

I only want to tell that today fundamental ideas of the good and evil lost the clearness.

All speak different and often opposite.

It belongs to all sectors of society and causes deep concern.

As the journalist Elaine Goldman writes in the article: Somewhere between Courses for future mothers and Association of parents and teachers it becomes clear that one of our main parental responsibilities is opposition to the surrounding cultural environment It means that finally we, parents, bear responsibility for education of our children.

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