Measles. Rash

Measles. Rash The purpose of this section to adumbrate to you about the most widespread types of rash.


Rash develops in days after temperature increase and emergence of symptoms of cold.

Rash consists of the flat pink spots at first appearing round ears, and then extending down all body.

In day of emergence of rash temperature still high see section .


Flat pink, often pale spots which quickly extend on all body.

Small or normal temperature, any symptoms of cold, but glands on a nape and a neck swell up see section .

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I do not want

I do not want One children willingly play in an arena till one and a half years, and others in months consider an arena as prison.

Most of children with pleasure play in an arena, will not learn to go yet, i.


approximately till months.

I would advise to let out the child from an arena when to it it becomes uninteresting there.

I do not want to tell that it should be let out as soon as he begins to whimper.

If you give to the child something new and interesting, he can cheerfully play an hour more in an arena.

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Some children

Some children If the child is able to creep quickly, he usually starts going later.

And what clumsily creeps or is not able to creep at all, will try earlier to learn to go.

When the child starts standing.

The child usually starts standing with support between the th and th month.

There will be a child between the th and th month.

Some children are not able to stand later though they are absolutely healthy and intellectually fullfledged.

Usually it is wellfad, quiet children or at whom legs long gain strength.

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But after

But after The keyword here is sincere.

If the child is tormented by a genuine remorse that he did, punishment especially physical punishment can be harmful.

Harm can be a double sort.

First, if already really it is a shame to the child with the unseemly act, it means that conscience at it active and normal.

But after all it just that we, parents, want.

This mistake taught the child as it is not necessary to behave.

Healthy, live conscience the best frighteningoff means against repetition of wrong actions.

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We, parents, looked

We, parents, looked Discipline Typical delusions concerning discipline.

Recently very much attention was paid to children's psychology.

We, parents, looked forward to results of researches of children's psychiatrists, psychologists, pediatricians and tutors.

We learned that above all children need love of devoted parents; that children very much try to resemble adults and to learn a sense of responsibility; that the children who became criminals suffered not from a lack of punishment, and from a lack of love; that children strive for knowledge if the program of training corresponds to their age and if they are trained by sensitive teachers; that brothers and sisters are jealous each other of parents and that children sometimes become angry about parents, but these feelings are absolutely natural and the child cannot be shamed for it; that interest of the child in emergence of life and to various sexual questions absolutely normal phenomenon; what too is the suppression of aggressive instincts and interest in sexual questions leads to neurosis; that subconscious thoughts are also strong, as well as conscious; that each child the personality who should be respected.

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However, if something

However, if something Allow it to touch and study everything that does not constitute danger.

However, if something frightens the child a little or constitutes for him danger, it is more reasonable not to focus his attention on this subject.

Better something to distract attention of the child, than to strengthen his fear.

At this age children are often frightened unfamiliar subjects which are unexpectedly set by adults in motion or make a loud sound, for example books with panoramic pictures which rise when the book reveals.

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And only

And only And it is possible to make it, having only surrounded the child with unconditional and boundless love.

Given polls which it was mentioned earlier, percent of parents of tenyearold children spend with them not enough time.

And only percent of parents of fourteenyearold children pay them enough attention as at the level of physical, and verbal contacts.

Interest of parents in the children is often lower than everything just when teenagers most of all need it.

It occurs when at them the requirement to feel worthy respect and in general something standing, but then, on a twist of fate increases, their selfesteem in particular suffers as parents pay them not enough attention.

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