An arena

An arena And when and there will bother it, lower it on a floor.

It is also useful for it, and it is pleasant.


It is not obligatory to have an arena at all.

Some psychologists and doctors do not approve this idea, considering that the arena does not give to the child the chance to investigate world around and to develop independence.

It is, of course, not proved.

An arena very practical and useful thing, especially for busy mother.

Placed in kitchen or in the room where mother works, the arena gives to the child the chance to be with people and to see everything that occurs around.

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We so are proud

We so are proud I see, you have one more child, the son, I noticed, having looked through their card.

How its health?

Oh, at it everything is fine.

Linda's mother answered.

We so are proud of Jef.

He is the great athlete, with honors graduated from music school.

Linda has a hobby or hobby?

No, the father answered, we were always so occupied with its health that on any other occupations with it did not remain to time any more.

Understand me correctly.

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But if you do not clear

But if you do not clear After that we talked to David about how the people participating in this transfer express selfish views, learning to indulge only own interests, without caring of respect for another and of their wellbeing at all.

To teach the teenager to think clearly a difficult, laborious and laborious work.

But if you do not clear the positions before the child, others views will imperceptibly force out your influence.

BE CONSECUTIVE One of the reasons why teenagers have no fair ideas of morals and moral, that one parents do not consider obligatory to transfer to children own belief is, others, professing in words the supreme values, do not live according to them.

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However I mean gradual removal of all restrictions to give to the teenager who is going to leave the house, opportunity to live some weeks or months quite independently.

But in it we have to be very careful.

Only in case we well prepare the teenagers, they will correctly behave.

However there are also some inconveniences during such preparation for life.

For example, late returns home and a carelessness to relatives if the teenager does not warn about absence can cause irritation of other family members.

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At game

At game If the child still does not do it, teach the child to display the removed rings to the right of a core one after another, taking into account the size, and then to take these rings serially and to put on them a core.

At game with inserts, using a familiar board, the child of two years already copes with all task, correctly placing on a board all three geometrical figures a circle, a triangle, a square.

If it is impossible to the child, help him: in the face of the kid, accompanying the actions with verbal comments, enclose figures back in the corresponding cells.

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Therefore Listed covers various spheres of human life.

Our society is concerned rise in crime and decline of an economic level, and mass media report disturbing news all the time.

Therefore it is natural that we highly developed a selfpreservation instinct.

It is important to learn to reveal sources of anger and alarm.

Then we will better understand that occurs in us and in our environment.

Andrew D.

Lester in the book How to cope with anger: for the aid to the Christian suggests to carry out the analysis which can help us.

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Consult to the doctor, even

Consult to the doctor, even In this case change in food sometimes helps.

Consult to the doctor, even if the child well puts on weight.

Consultation of the doctor if the child has a disorder of digestion is especially necessary and thus he does not put on weight.

Lock That it is possible to consider as a lock.

One children have a regular chair, and at others no.

But also those, and other children are absolutely healthy.

You will not manage to make the child's chair regular if it irregular and in it also is not present need.

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