The child

The child In situation on a stomach there were certain changes.

Buttocks flat, but are not raised up, as at the age of month.

The child leans on forearms part of a hand between a brush and an elbow joint.

At the expense of a support on forearms to , months the kid can raise the head almost to a corner in degrees, hold it directly and try to look before himself, and by fingers to do attempts to scratch a surface before itself fig.


Gradually the child starts turning with a back sideways.

If it does not do it independently, play and help it.

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The feeling

The feeling Opiates cause feeling of inconceivable happiness, possibility of implementation of any desires: that I will want, I will see.

Erich Fromm wrote: resorting to heroin, the person has an opportunity to buy happiness as goods.

It seems to those teenagers desired and seductive, as a rule, who happy do not feel.

The feeling of abandonment and loneliness, own insolvency and an ambiguity of vital prospects, loss of meaning of life all this the teenager feels especially sharply.

In increasing frequency teenagers as motive of thirst for drugs call boredom, lack of interests and painful feeling of satiation vital impressions.

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He seeks

He seeks That does he want?

Whether it is feasible?

Whether it is reasonable?

Whether somebody gave suffering or pain to the child?

Often the desire of the child is not reasonable and possible.

He seeks to be more senior, or to possess the bigger power, or to use a bigger freedom of action, or to have more money.

His behavior can reflect hormonal changes in an organism.

Perhaps, with it strangers unfairly managed, or he wants to take the same advantages, as some of his friends.

If, however, you know that became the reason of pain or chagrin, and if God forbid!

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Occupation : big red cup, big red saucer, average blue cup, average blue saucer, small yellow cup, small yellow saucer.

Occupation purposes The educational to continue to form ability to listen to the story of the adult, without interrupting, to listen to the end of it up to the end; to form merits, ability to empathize.

The training to continue to improve the general and small motility; to expand a lexicon at the expense of adjectives, verbs; to promote the use of the acquired words in the independent speech; to learn it is correctly to use in the active speech pretexts under, pro.

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It does not mean

It does not mean Adenoides always grow to certain sizes again.

It does not mean that operation was unfinished and has to be repeated.

It says only that in this place lymphoid fabric is necessary for an organism and it vigorously tries to compensate its loss.

If adenoides again strongly increased and again block nasal passes, operation, perhaps, it is necessary to repeat.

Again grown adenoides seldom need secondary removal.

If there is no special need, doctors usually try to postpone operation of removal of adenoides and almonds until sevenyear age.

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That at first

That at first Development of the general motility.

Suggest the child to imitate the movements gait of heroes of the fairy tale to jump, as the hare; to resemble, as a bear; to run about, as a fox; to show how Kolobok slides.

That at first that then.

Put on a table of characters of the fairy tale from desktop puppet theater.

Ask the child to look at them and to tell or to show who was met at first by Kolobok.

Ask: Whom did Kolobok meet then?

Whom did Kolobok meet after a wolf?

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But if you want

But if you want You do not need to think out anything.

But if you want to treat them differently, than your parents treated you for example, not so strictly or more in a friendly way, you are deprived of a sample and sometimes will be in difficulty, without knowing how to arrive.

For example, if the child starts using your softness, it will revolt you, but it will be difficult for you to cope with him as than more you become angry about the child, especially the guilty feel, considering that become similar to the parents that was resolved to be avoided.

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